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Construction: when will it go green?

With an increasing demand for eco-friendly practices, many industries have already begun their own initiatives in an effort to increase and standardize sustainability. With continued advancements, both socially and technologically, going green is a reality for many sectors. However, not all industries have had such luck. One industry in particular has come under fire for the little advancements that have been made in innovation and green practices: construction.

According to an article by Construction Digital, over the past few decades the construction industry has seen little movement towards green building. Although the demand for green building has increased and much of the appropriate technology is available, construction has not changed in the ways other industries have. Many have argued that the construction industry has not become more environmentally friendly due to the high costs of replacing machinery, an area which largely has seen little to zero new technology. 

Despite its past, the construction sector has a hopeful future. Sustainable technology continues to advance (as well as become less expensive) and will soon help to ease the transition into green building. However, one issue for green building that has remained unresolved is the translation from digital designs to physical materials. Exciting new technologies such as 3D printing is emerging as a technology that can speed up the building process and most likely require little man power. This technology is already being applied around the world—a 30 story skyscraper was recently completed in less than 360 hours in China using similar technology.

While as a refinishing and refurbishing company, we try to incorporate as many sustainable practices into our business as possible, we also understand those practices aren’t as plausible for other industries. We hope that the construction industry continues to look for sustainably alternatives to help it catch up with the demand for green building and structures as well as seek out new, emerging technologies to help it get there.