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Wyndham Worldwide supports Earth Hour

As we mentioned at the beginning of the month, this year marks the 42nd annual Earth Day celebration, and while millions around the world will celebrate in different ways—from committing to recycling to agreeing to compost for a year—millions have already participated in Earth Hour as a prelude. One hour where everyone agreed to stop using electricity and “switch off”.

Observed on March 31, hundreds of millions of people and organizations turned off their lights, recognizing the thought and care that should go into using our precious resources. As a sustainable refinishing company that works with universities, hotels and government agencies across the country, we were interested in learning which organizations participated in Earth Hour.

One of the most notable was Wyndham Worldwide—parent company to hotels such as Planet Hollywood and Ramada—which announced its participation in Earth Hour by saying it would participate and “demonstrate their commitment to environmentally sustainable action.

As a hotel organization known for its leadership in sustainable practices and with our first-hand experience with Wyndham Worldwide’s commitment to sustainability, it comes as little surprise that its energy goals are so substantial. The hospitality company is on track to reduce overall emissions by 12 percent be 2016 and 20 percent by 2020.

We are very happy to see such a large hotel organization be so open and forthcoming about its goal for sustainability. This type of transparency will only encourage other hotel organizations, large and small, to commit to sustainable practices, so we can all work together to help preserve our environment.

For more information on Wyndham Worldwide’s sustainable practices and initiatives, visit Wyndham Green.

For a touching overview of this year’s Earth Hour, watch the video below: