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Operational Update: Embassy Suites Monterey Bay – Seaside

Before: Embassy Suites Monterey Bay – Seaside's chair

Before: Embassy Suites Monterey Bay – Seaside’s chair

It’s always with great excitement that we share our Operational Updates with you and, having worked within the walls of hotels, motels and resorts for more than 35 years, The Refinishing Touch crew is pleased and proud to have completed another large scale renovation in the sector.

Recently, we wrapped up a refinishing and re-upholstery project at the Embassy Suites Monterey Bay – Seaside in Canyon Del Rey, Seaside, California. Located just two miles from the Monterey Peninsula Airport this Embassy Suites’ location offers a full range of amenities for both business and pleasure.

As hotel management began accessing the needs of its facilities and consulting Property Improvement Plans (PIPs), it became clear that its guest room furniture was in need of an update. Rather than purchase new, the Embassy Suites Monterey Bay – Seaside called on The Refinishing Touch to help decrease cost, downtime, unnecessary waste output and harmful carbon emissions.

After: Embassy Suites Monterey Bay – Seaside's chair

After: Embassy Suites Monterey Bay – Seaside’s chair

Through the refinishing and re-upholstery of 450 sofas and lounge chairs, The Refinishing Touch has restored assets to like-new condition and extended the life of each piece significantly in under one month’s time. With an estimated cost savings of 79.1% when compared to buying new, the hotel was presented with the opportunity to reallocate valuable funds and further ensure guest, employee and community satisfaction – an important factor for us at The Refinishing Touch, having just seen an increase in ISO 9001 customer satisfaction rate from 98.5% to 99.39%.

Furthermore, The Refinishing Touch’s low-VOC lacquers, low-waste output and sustainable materials allow the establishment to adhere to green regulations, achieve specific industry certifications and provide the environmentally-conscious traveler with further incentive to book.

Would you like to learn more about this project and what The Refinishing Touch can do for you? Please email us today at sales@therefinishingtouch.com and connect with us on Twitter at @RefinishTouch

The Refinishing Touch wins California Multiple Award Schedule contract

CMASAs a provider of furniture refinishing, remanufacturing, and re-upholstery services to over 22,000 public and private organizations across the government, higher education and hospitality sectors, The Refinishing Touch takes great pride in each project we are commissioned to complete. To that end, we work diligently to provide the best solutions to each one of our customers and are dedicated to our role as the leading cost-effective, environmentally-friendly furniture asset management company.

As a result of our efforts and dedication, The Refinishing Touch has been approved by the California Department of General Services, contracting us to provide the state of California with our award-winning furniture asset management services. Having been awarded the California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) contract, 4-13-03-0324B, our service teams are eager to continue our work with the many government entities that are looking to complete property improvement plans.

The CMAS Program establishes contracts based on Federal General Service Administration (GSA) schedules, which The Refinishing Touch achieved in 1998 under contract number GS-29F-0002M.

As with many states across the country, California’s government agencies are facing necessary renovations, but must complete them on restricted budgets and limited time frames. By working with The Refinishing Touch and implementing our furniture asset management services, government decision makers and property managers can not only reduce harmful carbon emissions and waste output, but they can also cut down on project budgets and establishment downtime.

To learn more about our recently awarded CMAS contract, please read the full press release here. To find out more about our furniture asset management solutions and the benefits they can provide to your government entity, please email us today

Trade show roundup: The Refinishing Touch attends three conferences during October

The Refinishing Touch team has remained busy throughout the month of October – not only have we been preparing the third quarter edition of our digital newsletter, InTouch, but we’ve also been attending various tradeshows all across the nation.

The month kicked off with the 10th annual ACUHO-I / APPA Housing Facilities Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico on October 2nd through the 6th. The trade show was held at the Hyatt Regency and Convention Center (a brand we’ve worked with before), with more than 250 attendees from colleges and universities joining together to discuss sustainability.

The Refinishing Touch spent most of the event networking with key decision makers and speakers, along with learning about the future of housing in the higher education sector. Several attendees expressed an interest in refinishing, one of our specialties, and it’s easy to understand why – our furniture asset management services can save up to 90 percent of a project’s estimated carbon emission output and 80 percent of a company’s budget when compared to buying new.The Refinishing Touch tradeshow events

Our next stop brought us to booming Las Vegas, where we attended the Best Western International Conference & Trade Show on October 10th. Over 2,000 owners, general managers and property management companies gathered at the conference, giving us great insight into the current and future direction of the hospitality industry. While there, The Refinishing Touch connected with potential prospects and attended a Supplier Training Course, where we learned how to navigate through Best Western’s supplier site and effectively use the brand’s templates. To top it all off, the event raffled off 65 Apple iPads and several other great prizes.

If that weren’t enough, next we headed out to BITAC West at the Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa in Indian Wells, California. While there, our team held 22 face-to-face meetings throughout two full days. Over the years, we’ve found one of the most rewarding aspects of tradeshows is being able to convey the benefits of our sustainable furniture asset management services to past, current and potential customers, alike. During the second day of the three-day event, The Refinishing Touch president and founder, Mario Insenga, gave an informative speech during lunch hour. Our favorite line was, “Remember: the last three letters in trend are ‘e-n-d’”. This couldn’t be more true of the hospitality industry, which has seen its fair share of trends come and go, especially through the recession and recovery.

Were you at any of these trade shows during the month? We’d love to hear your thoughts and takeaways! Send us an email at sales@therefinishingtouch.com.

For future event listings, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter by visiting: http://www.therefinishingtouch.com/news.php. The next edition is coming soon!

Government and small businesses continue to invest in sustainability

The majority of small business owners are taking steps to commit to sustainable, clean energy initiatives reveals scientific opinion polling out of Colorado. Polls surveyed small business owners in Colorado following the announcement that the U.S. government has set aside more than 285,000 acres in six states – Colorado, Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah – for solar energy projects.

On the heels of that announcement, three fourths of Colorado small business owners agreed that government commitment and investment in renewable, sustainable energy and energy efficiency are pivotal in supporting the recovering economy and in the creation of new jobs.

Many small business owners have already implemented their own clean energy projects, with 61 percent reporting that they have installed energy efficient light bulbs, appliances, windows, insulation and energy-saving heating and air conditioning systems.

At The Refinishing Touch, we do our part through the offering of sustainable furniture asset management services, which include refinishing, reupholstering, remanufacturing and restoration. Already, we’ve contributed to a three-ton reduction in carbon emissions, and at the same time saved our clients more than 80 percent in costs.

Choosing renewable business practices not only benefits the environment, but it also redirects expenditures to allow business owners to invest in growth initiatives, rather than the costs of replacing an entire collection of worn furniture, for example.

For more information on how The Refinishing Touch’s services can be a part of your own renewable business strategy, visit our website at www.therefinishingtouch.com.

Operational Update part II: the DoubleTree Anaheim-Orange County

In last month’s Operational Update blog, we shared one of our recently completed projects, which took place at the DoubleTree Hilton in Anaheim, California.

During our time at the DoubleTree we refinished the hotel’s desks, dressers, nightstands and headboards, updating the furniture pieces with fresh color, hardware and upholstery.

As the DoubleTree Anaheim is a ‘full-hotel’ projects with us refinishing each of the DoubleTree’s 95 rooms, we thought we would bring you a few ‘before and after’ pictures so you can get a true sense for how refinishing and reupholstery can transform old furniture into modern, stylish, full functional pieces. By refinishing furniture instead of implementing the tradition ‘rip-and-replace’ processes, the DoubleTree Anaheim prevented countless pieces of furniture from unnecessarily entering into landfills and saved over 90 percent in carbon emissions as compared to buying new.

Are you curious as to how refinishing can help save the environment and improve your organization’s bottom line, as it did at the DoubleTree Anaheim? Visit our homepage at therefinishingtouch.comto learn more or to request a free quote.

Before & after visuals:

Before                                        After


Before                                                  After

Double Tree Before After: TV

Before                                                  After


Before                                                  After

Operational update: the DoubleTree Anaheim-Orange County

As the winter frost begins to melt away for most of the country, our crew had the pleasure of completing our most recent refinishing project at the DoubleTree Anaheim-Orange County in Anaheim, California. First settled in 1857, Anaheim has a historical, small town feel to it and the city is filled with attractions and activities to do, not to mention boasts warm weather almost year round. The location itself couldn’t be any more perfect for our team to be on assignment, especially with Disneyland, shopping, and sporting events just steps away. The Refinishing Touch reports on the Hilton DoubleTree Anaheim - Orange County

The state of California has been developing a reputation within recent years for being a primary supporter for environmental friendliness, sustainability, and green technologies for a wide range of projects, from innovative development to everyday construction. And since we’ve been working with the DoubleTree and Hilton brands for years, it was easy for our crew to get into the swing of things.

Our time at the DoubleTree consisted of refinishing staple furniture pieces such as reupholstering headboards with refreshing new colors, and updating valuable furniture hardware, and we couldn’t be more proud of our work. And by deciding to refinishing furniture instead of buying new, the DoubleTree Hilton Anaheim-Orange County has saved a great deal of money, as well as decreased their environmental impact. The carbon footprint for the DoubleTree Hilton, a hotel with 95 rooms, would have been 119.054 in tons versus 1.178 tons with using our services. That saves over 90 percent in carbon emissions!

The Refinishing Touch refinishes headboards at the Hilton DoubleTree hotel in Anaheim

Refinished headboard at the Hilton DoubleTree Anaheim

If you’re looking for a great place to stay while visiting the Golden State or ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’, we highly recommend booking a few nights at the DoubleTree Hilton Anaheim-Orange County. Not only will you get to sleep in a beautiful setting, but the hotel offers complimentary shuttle services to the gates of Disneyland as well as being within proximity to other various activities. And as a pet-friendly hotel, it truly is a place where fun can be had for the entire family.