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Green MBAs: The most popular trend in the education sector

As sustainability steadily moves from a trend to a necessity, we’ve begun to see all of our target industries—education, government, and hospitality—re-consider how things are done, not only to save money, but to attract customers as well. Previously underrated and essentially nonexistent, green MBA programs are finally gaining the respect and attention they deserve.

For most of these emerging green MBA programs, the courses combine traditional business with focus on sustainability and eco-friendly practices, including how finances come into play. Overall, green MBA programs teach students to combine real world business practices with a sustainable mindset. As the environment continues to be a critical, widely-discussed issue, it’s clear that the business world will need to adapt, and graduates with this new type of MBA will be at the forefront.

Babson College is a great example of how schools are integrating sustainability into its curriculum. Instead of simply offering courses related to sustainability, Babson students can choose an eco-friendly concentration. In other words, Babson treats sustainability as a focus, not an afterthought.

With the right education and determination, graduates can help shape the business world into a more eco-friendly and socially responsible place, which to us, sounds like something worth studying.