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Everything is bigger in Texas, even energy plans

Governments play a big part in driving business’ environmental improvements, through public commitments, tax incentives and grants.  As well as this crucial role, local and state governments are also showing their own green abilities.

The State of Texas is showing its commitment to green by working to increase its sustainability and renewable energy. This year was a Texan milestone for the State reached its goal of 10,000 megawatts of renewable energy –  a full 15 years ahead of schedule. This established Texas is a leader in renewable energy. To continue the growth, a study by the State Capitol in Austin modeled three ways that Texas could improve as a catalyst for renewable energy and job growth, through aggressive, moderate, and conservative energy bill increases:

–       A high residential energy bill increase of $13 monthly would yield the most return with $2.7 billion in state revenue and 22,900 new jobs

–       A moderate residential energy bill increase of $4/month would create 6,000 jobs and up to $1 billion revenue

–       No change shows modest job creation and revenue for the state

The fact the State is so far ahead with its energy goals is enough to hang its giant ten-gallon sized hat on. With potential to create close to 23,000 jobs and generate over two and a half billion in revenue it’s all the more reason for states to begin implementing their energy plans sooner rather than later.

photo via texas.gov flickr