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10 (Extremely Serious) Reasons to Reinvent Your Furniture Now


At The Refinishing Touch, we take guestroom design seriously. No joke. We want your hotel to stand out from the competition. A well-constructed furniture asset management program makes all the difference to your guests and your bottom line. So straight from our home office in Alpharetta, GA, here are the Top 10 reasons partnering with The Refinishing Touch is critical to improving your business.

1. Makes guestrooms look brand new.
Furniture is the first thing guests notice when they enter a room. Worn, dirty upholstery and banged up wood make customers wish they had stayed elsewhere. We can modernize your existing furniture, giving your rooms a brand new look. (See a few of our “before & after” photos!)

2. You can re-engineer furniture to house income-adding amenities such as minibars.
We reinvent and renew your existing furniture, so it can house custom minibars or refrigerators that make you money. There’s no excuse for not turning your case goods into a major profit center.

3. Your marketing and customer service teams will thank you!
Refreshed furniture improves customer reviews and ratings. Happier customers complain less, refer their friends, and are willing to pay more for the premium experience you’re ‘furnishing.’

4. You can delay (or eliminate) a furniture replacement cycle.
Furniture refinishing can extend the life of quality case goods, extending your ROI. It is a smart way to eliminate hundreds of thousands of dollars in expense without compromising guest satisfaction. (Curious about how much you can save by refinishing vs. replacing? Read this to see what other hotels saved!)

5. Hotel owners that refinish furniture live longer, happier lives, just like their case goods.
That’s right, an extensive study we made up shows that those that renew case goods have less stress. We’re doing all we can to help you live to 100.

6. You’ll put Americans to work.
American owned and operated since 1977, all our work is done by craftspeople based here in the United States. When you work with us, you’re committing to helping families in your community.

7. It’ll give your competition something to freak out about.
You’ll have all new case goods, a healthier bottom line and the ability to raise rates. There’s no better way to beat that hotel down the street.

8. Because hotel room furniture shouldn’t look like it belongs in the Smithsonian.
Shabby chic is for B&B’s, not for your hotel. When your case goods become old and worn, people will just make fun of you. Keep your rooms looking fresh and modern by re-engineering older pieces to better serve your guests’ needs and to match your updated decor.

9. It’s a better way to find money than looking in your couch cushions.
It may be great exercise taking loose change to the bank, but it won’t help you put heads in beds.

10. Because your mom can’t make all the good choices for you.
We know she’d love to, but you’re an adult now and have to do it yourself. We asked her, and rest assured she’ll be very proud of your choice to use The Refinishing Touch for all your furniture refinishing and reengineering.

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